[Bat Map]

[100 Acre Forest]
[Alch House]
[Ancona Manor]
[Ant Hill]
[Bat City]
[Burning Village]
[Castle Brantis]
[Catfolk Tree]
[Caves of Orac]
[Caverns of Chaos]
[Corn Field]
[Crimson Brigade]
[Dark Castle]
[Dark Forest]
[D'hregal Mines]
[Door to the Past]
[Elf Village]
[Enchanted Forest]
[Frozen Valley]
[Goblin Caves]
[Goblin Farm]
[Goddess Garden]
[Halls of Dead]
[Hell's Dojo]
[Hill Giants]
[Horsehead Mtn]
[Horn Durath]
[Inn o/t 4 Winds]
[Ivory Tower]
[Katvil Forest]
[King Eowyns]
[Lands of Lor]
[Lonely Mountain]
[Midnight Carnival]
[Mountain Dwarf]
[Mushroom Hill]
[Newbie Forest]
[Newbie Mines]
[Newbry Park]
[Newbie Mtn]
[Newbie Zoo]
[Norse Village]
[Old Forest]
[Orc Scouts]
[Perilous Forest]
[Pig Farm]
[Public Garden]
[Rainbow Cloak]
[Rain Forest]
[Red Tides]
[Secret Jungle]
[Skeep Prison]
[Snow Mtn]
[Temple o/Winds]
[Tiburcio's Tower]
[Trog Village]
[Urvile Tree]
[Valley of Silence]
[Wizard of Oz]
[Zoy's Inn]
[Zonni Swamps]

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These pages are a guide to many of the areas in Bat Mud, a LP mud based out of Finland. For more information about the mud, visit the Official Batmud Home Page at http://www.bat.org. You may play the game (always free of charge) by telneting to "batmud.bat.org".

Note: These WWW-pages contain information derived from BatMUD. As the mud is constantly evolving their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. All copyrights for this website are retained. You may not copy or re-publish this information without explicit permission from Dryad.

If you encounter any difficulties while browsing these pages, please contact Dryad at leslie@maroon.com. If you have any information to add to the site (or corrections to make), send me mail here or use the update form provided at the bottom of most pages on the site.

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