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Mission Statement:
Big Bend National Park Virtual Field Trip is designed to be a guide to the geological history and features of the Big Bend National Park area.

The Big Bend Virtual Field Trip was created for an independent study project for the Texas A&M University Department of Geology under the supervision of Dr. Bruce Herbert. During the week of Spring Break 1996, we visited Big Bend for the purpose of researching the geology of the park and taking pictures of pertinent geologic features. Once all of the pictures and information were compiled, we scanned the images and started construction of the web site.

The location of the park, more information about us, and a general outline of the information contained in this web site can be found below.



Big Bend National Park is located in West Texas adjacent to the Rio Grande approximately 69 miles south of Marathon, Texas. The heart of the park is located at 103 degrees 10 minutes West by 29 degrees 5 minutes North. The park is scattered with a few small ghost towns, several visitor centers, and a lodge with concessions.

Project Team

The project team for the Big Bend Virtual Field trip was a married undergraduate couple, Cain and Leslie Neal. Leslie Neal is a senior Geology/Geophysics major. Cain Neal is a senior Computer Science major, Geology minor. The project was supervised by Dr. Bruce Herbert, a professor in Texas A&M University's Department of Geology.

Site Outline

Introduction Igneous Processes Sedimentary Processes Metamorphic Processes

Structural Processes

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